Lune Bleue, Boutique, Gallery & Atelier.

Welcome to Lune Bleue, a captivating Boutique, Gallery & Atelier, thoughtfully crafted by the talented duo, Rhianne Evans and her husband Mark. With their blending talents, they offer a mesmerizing collection of bespoke lamps, exquisite necklaces, and enchanting treasures, reflecting their shared artistic vision.

Step inside this enchanting space, where Rhianne finds inspiration and creates during the day, making the shop her very own atelier. But Lune Bleue is more than just a workshop; it’s also an ever-changing gallery, where Rhianne plans to exhibit her own masterpieces and showcase the works of other artists throughout the year.

The magic of Lune Bleue knows no bounds, fueled by the depths of imagination. As the shop evolves, Rhianne and Mark have exciting plans, including their own line of mesmerizing resin dolls and unique chess boards with cool character pieces. They eagerly embrace challenges, inviting you to share your ideas and transform them into tangible works of art.

Lune Bleue awaits your presence, ready to share the artistic journey of endless possibilities.